Menu Design & Print
Jane's Kitchen

The Need

Providing ready cooked meals from home, Jane's Kitchen needed a way to reach out to her customers with the menu that she provides. Alongside her website, print work was also required to take to shows and events where they can be handed out to potential new customers. As most of their customers come from face-to-face engagements and going to several events, being able to provide the audience with high-quality print work is essential to growing the business.
The Solution

Having done work for Jane's Kitchen previously, Snap was confident with maintaining the brand throughout this menu. The colours would be kept consistent throughout the menu as they are throughout the website. By making everything make and maintaining the continuity, it makes for a much easier user experience as well as professional look and feel of the brand. The listings were kept simple and informative to go along with the punchy and modern design. Using imagery and colour to showcase the products was essential.

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