Direct Mail – Brand Awareness
Blankett Broadband

The Need

Blankett were in need of their first major marketing campaign. As a recently founded business with a modern product, it was vital that they get their name into the market of broadband providers. The whole message about Blankett is showing off how difficult, stressful and inconvenient it can be to get broadband provided to you in a rural location. Avoiding the hassle of digging up roads and spending thousands just for a modern day necessity is exactly what Blankett achieves. Snap would need to find a way to convey this message to and grab the attention of their target audience.
The Solution

Starting off with a brand new marketing campaign includes evaluating the business and their audience in order to understand how they can best use their money in order to get the best outcome possible. Blankett would have to get their message out there for people in rural locations that don't currently have internet access. With print work being less and less common as the internet only continues to grow, more people are paying attention to the mail they receive through the door. This means that postcards and leaflets are the perfect way to get in touch with their target audience and using the marketing strategy that Snap did, Blankett are capable of targeting individual locations and understanding which ones perform the best.


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