Logo Design

How do we create something original that stands out in a sea of identities?

Creating a logo design isn’t just about creating a pretty visual. What you’re doing, or taking part in, is developing a brand and communicating a position. It makes sense, then, that the first step in creating a logo design should be to research these concepts. ‘A logo isn’t the only element of the brand’

Snap Involve the client at this early stage, as our interpretation of the clients brand may be different from theirs, and it’s essential that the message is clear before any actual designing takes place.


Logo Design and Brand Development

A logo design often comes with a tagline (or strapline) that conveys a brand message. Both elements can work separately but when they exist together this is referred to as a ‘lock up’. It’s when both elements have a sense of cohesion between them.

As these elements can be seen separately the rule to remember is not to rely on the tagline to make sense of the logo design or vice versa. Your logo design doesn’t necessarily have to be a visual representation of the tagline but the two should be equally ‘on-brand’.

“Does it meet the brief?” and “Does the logo represent your core brand values?”

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