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Snap Marketing Creative Director

Debbi Young

Creative Director
& Travel Expert

Background in advertising, copywriting & all aspects of graphic design, heavily into conceptual ideas & strong brand design, looking at your market spend & making sure you get added value.

Strengths in branding and amazing concepts, with a solid London Ad Agency experience, being able to mix wine and gin on a night out without falling over.

Likes to keep fit, to try and keep the signs of ageing at bay and the effects of late nights, dancing and general merriment.

Will happily discuss your requirements, budgets and business needs, making sure you are on the righteous path and will recommend ways of making your business fly, reduce spend and increase revenue, whilst adding a shot of imagination & creative flair.

With 26 years of experience (started young) in design, advertising, marketing & print, LOVES QuarkXpress & Holidays HATES Indesign.

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Matthew Simmons

Marketing Director
& Fashion Guru

Background in marketing and business development in blue-chip corporates, brings a strong strategic focus to projects and is passionate about expressing the proposition as it relates to the customer - not the product attributes.

Strengths in Marketing with a capital M and the digital elements of the marketing comms plan.

Would like to be fit, but also likes pies.

Devises overall strategy, marketing plans and budgets relevance to the company objectives, and makes sure the business is getting a return on marketing investment.

Likes fishing and is capable of putting together really long sentences. Wears tank tops and flared trousers, but that's probably because he is a bit over 50!

LOVES Fishing, Rugby & Pies

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Luke Rozak

& Not Ginger

After studying Digital Arts at the University of Kent, Luke joined Snap on his year in industry. After rapidly learning and developing new skills, he has stuck with Snap for the past two years. Dealing with everything design; from logo's to websites to print work.

Strengths in design, social media and being young, helps Luke make sure the oldies are up to date with the latest trends in the digital world.

Listening to your design taste and requirements, capable of making anything look pretty. If Luke can't make something look any prettier, you best believe there's going to be kittens or puppies on there somewhere. Nothing is prettier than kitten and puppies.

LOVES InDesign, HATES Quark.

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Erild Kishata

Web & Programme Developer
& Part-time Superhero

A talented web programmer & developer with a strong academic background and commercial experience.

Highly motivated, enthusiastic, efficient and adaptable. Ability to work on own initiative and also enjoys working closely with others -  identifying problems and finding best fit solutions, with a dynamic approach to all projects as well as being adaptable and an excellent communicator.

With a background in web development and programming - With an expansive Tec Stack - Front end, Back end, Dev OPS, E-commerce, CMS, Payment gateways, 3rd party Integrations and Bespoke build from brochure to eCommerce.

LOVES Debbi HATES Everyone else

Jack Tracy

Web Developer
& Playboy

Things I can do...

Javascript / JQuery
Web App
WordPress Theme & Plugin Development
Drupal / Joomla
HubSpot Integration
HTML Email Development

LOVES Beer, sleep, rock & roll.
HATES Mushrooms (with a passion).


Joey Young

Head of Security
& Snap Mascot

Background in private investigation, patrolling and security.

Strengths in barking and strutting about, making sure all visitors are vetted before entering the premises.

Likes to keep fit, running after balls and general going out for daily runs in the park and surrounding areas. Likes to be made a fuss of at any opportunity that presents itself. Usually falls asleep whilst on the job.

Will happily take on any new project with excitement and vigour. Will accept treats as bribes, along with any general fussing over that will be widely accepted.

With 10 years of experience behind him in security and patrolling.

LOVES Cheese
HATES Postmen.

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