Branding & Stationery
The Hamptons Design & Build / Plasterers / Landscape & Design

The Need

Hamptons Plastering came to Snap with a multi-branding/re-branding project in order to expand their business further than plastering. Going into their sub-brands; 'design & build' and 'landscaping & design', they would need separate stationery for each. They would all follow the same theme in order to be related back to the original brand, however would still need a way to differentiate from each.
The Solution

Since the Hamptons already had a logo in place that they still liked, the new ones were kept very much similar but with a more modern and stylish feel. Once Snap had tackled the first re-branded logo for the plastering side of the business, the main style of the branding was already complete. Moving forward with the other sub-brand was a much smoother process.

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