Website Envy? Do you envy your competitors site?

Written by Matthew Simmons
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Research Shows that SMEs are suffering from a new condition called  – Web Envy!

A survey of 1,222 senior marketers at Britain’s small and medium businesses has found that more than a third (39%) believe that their closest competitor’s website is better than their own, giving rise to a new breed of website envy among British businesses.

The survey, which was commissioned CMS provider Decibel, also found that one in five people (20%) don’t actually think their own company website represents their brand.

Yet 44% of people say they would consider not even doing business with a company that had an out of date or hard to navigate website and a third (36%) of people would be put off working for a company with a poor web presence.

This snippet, published originally by e-Consultancy got me thinking.

If these businesses are envious of their competitors sites, then what action can they take?

Simples!  Get a new website – built properly and professionally – to a succinct marketing and design brief – with proper SEO before a single line of code is laid down.  Here’ some other reasons why trying to cut corners will hurt your on-line reputation and brand when it comes to chosing the right partner to supply website design services.

Written by Matthew Simmons

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