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Why are sales people so reluctant to perceive Linkedin as more than a recruitment platform?

Written by Matthew Simmons
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It struck me the other day, that the last 4 long term clients I have had the pleasure of working with, shared one thing in common – apart from growth attributable to working with me obviously!

It was the perception their sales teams had of Linkedin as anything more than an online tool for finding their next job. But way above that was a deep suspicion of the platform, and a reticence to share anything on it. Ring any bells?

From the marketing perspective, for each of these clients, we were rocking. We were creating really top quality content, based on 2 key areas of their business. Firstly, valuable insights that showed their expertise in the field, and secondly articles and case studies that showcased projects that they had delivered to delighted clients – the testimonials glowing.

But apart from a couple of guys, who really got it, would the customer facing people share anything? Nope – despite training, encouragement and the clear personal upsides to doing so!

The benefits of Linkedin Sharing for sales people

Sharing content on your LinkedIn timeline is a great way of building brand awareness in your prospect base. Done regularly, it builds on the perception that the company really knows what it is doing, and a player in the industry. This in itself builds preference towards the brand, predisposing prospects to consider your offering seriously and it reinforces the brand choice for those prospects already in the sales funnel. This has got to make a sale more likely.

The power of content and social referral in the conversion funnel

Time and again the Google stats tell us that visitors to a website are more likely to convert if they have come via a link from content shared on social media, especially LinkedIn for B2B. They look at more pages on the site, spend longer on it and take more actions to convert than most other forms of marketing.

What’s not to like!

Social media referrals tend to perform better in this respect than any other source of traffic with the possible exception of industry specific portals.

How to share on LinkedIn

There are numerous blogs, youtube tutorials online that give you details – we’ve even written blogs on Linkedin best practice. Check them out here.

But its really dead simple.

Like the post, and share it with a comment however small.

Commenting on posts, is the best way of getting the LinkedIn algorithm to take notice and will give that post the most exposure. If you think a prospect or client would be interested in the post, send it with a personalised message.

If it’s a prospect or client you’re following, reference the author, especially  in the comment by using typing @ – LinkedIn will give you a selection of names to tag – they one you want is usually on top. That way they know you’re thinking of them – your message will pop up and their phone will ping.  If they look at the message there and then – and we all tend to – they will see your name engaging with their stuff.

You’ve just made their day!

The upside to social sharing

Do this regularly and company and personal sales revenues will improve – and it makes sales people active on Linkedin even more visible to recruiters for the next opportunity!

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