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5 Social Media Marketing Trends that could Grow your Business

Written by Debbi Young

Social media is always changing and updating which means that the social media marketing methods companies and brands use to promote their products will also change too.

In this guest blog, Amy Hermitage reviews some of the new trends that companies are starting to use more frequently to sell their services and products.

1. Livestreaming

Live video is video captured on tablets, smartphones or professional cameras and streamed real-time to the Internet, for viewing on the web or in mobile apps.

Companies are increasingly using real-time video to engage and attract target audiences. It allows brands to have authentic and unedited interactions with their audiences. This gives the company or brand a personality that the audience may connect to more. Due to it being live, it allows both the company and audience to gain real-time feedback which is useful to find out what the audience wants from the company.

Companies can also explain concepts to audiences and audiences can ask questions about these concepts. On top of this, it is a newer and more appealing way for companies and audiences to connect.

There are many social media sites and apps that have live streaming capabilities such as Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Twitch. Facebook is probably the most well known. There are also third party websites that allow companies to embed these livestreams on their websites. By having the audience watch the livestream from the company’s website, it brings more traffic to the website.

2. Expiring Content

Short term or expiring content is, as the name suggests, content that expires. It’s a photo or video is viewable for only 24 hours, unless a screenshot is taken.

Snapchat and Instagram are the most well known social media sites that use expiring content. Both sites have “Stories”. These allow a user to upload pictures and videos and edit them with filters, stickers and pens.

Expiring content has a low production cost because the audience expects an “in the moment” experience. It can also allow a unique inside view of the company or a behind the scenes look at a product or event. The fact that the content only lasts 24 hours makes it exclusive and makes the audience feel as if they are special by viewing this content. This builds a special relationship between the company and the audience.

3. Consistent and quality content

There is now a larger appetite for consistent and quality content. By posting regularly, the company is making their audience aware of their presence regularly. This is reminding the customers to use their product or service. On top of this, social media platforms are increasingly favouring posts of higher relevance and engagement. Consistent posts are more appealing to the audience. In addition to consistent posts, consistency across all social media platforms will also help clearly define brand identity.

4. Video content

Video content is very appealing to audiences (especially mobile users) and is likely to engage an audience and ignite emotions. Video marketing can explain everything in a quicker and simpler way. Video is a good tool for learning and is easy for audiences to consume. Due to today’s life being busy and attention spans being shorter, the modern customer doesn’t want to have to read long product descriptions or dig deep into services. By watching a video, the customer gets to see the product in action. Also, videos increase the time a customer spends on a company’s website and longer exposure tells search engines that the site has good content. Video content also means a company’s website is more likely to show up first on Google due to Google owning YouTube.

5. Influencers

Influencers are people that have a large and loyal following that can amplify trends and create engaging content. People such as celebrities, YouTube content creators, Instagram celebrities or bloggers can all be influencers.

It is becoming more common for companies and brands to sponsor influencers to get them to inform their audience about their company or brand. This allows the company or brand to reach a wider audience. The audience of the influencer is likely to be loyal and are likely to look into or buy whatever the company or brand are selling.

However, it is important to use an influencer that has the correct reputation or personality. The most effective endorsement would be someone who seems like they would an authentic customer of that company.


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