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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy | Creating a Killer Profile

Written by Matthew Simmons
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Right now with normal methods of reaching our audience compromised by the current lockdown, we are left with very few options to get our marketing messages across.  The digital world is awash with content now and should form a key part of our marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing is often viewed as a minefield by small and medium sized businesses, with a perception that it’s time consuming, expensive and not worth the effort.  But, if there is one social media platform that businesses should be active on, it must be LinkedIn.

And the first element of a a proactive LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is a killer profile.

‘Professional quality’ photograph

LinkedIn is a social media platform exclusively for business.  A profile picture is a must have if you are to be taken seriously, and having a good one is arguably the most important branding element of your profile as it has a direct  impact on how other users perceive you. Research shows that just having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others.

It needs to be a ‘business’ picture, not an amusing picture of you partying hard at Wetherpoons; head and shoulders, business clothes, and needs to actually look like you. A professional picture is best, but if not get someone competent to take a picture of you against a non-distracting background, with a camera, not an iPhone.

Ditch the Default URL

When you first create a LinkedIn profile, it will create a default URL – basically a random string of characters. LinkedIn allows you customise this URL to create a branded LinkedIn address in your name or brand. Do this and it will boost your on-line recognition, especially in search engine results.

Focus on the Value you Deliver

Focus not so much on what you do, highlight the value you deliver  – with examples.  The key here is to show not tell.

In the Summary Section, use it to tell you story.  Create 3 short paragraphs that summarise who you are, your experience and skillset, the value you add, and the results you’ve delivered.

In the Experience Section, where you detail your company by company experience, the mistake many people make here is to just paste in what is effectively a job description.  Try and focus on results and deliverables – your key achievements.  Again its all about “show me what you can do for me, don’t just tell me!”

Fine-tuning your Personal Details

Ensure your web address is represented in your profile as well as any other online platforms you contribute to such as blogs.  Most people use the default “Visit Website” link, but if you select “Other” in the drop down you can add a Title.  Use your brand, company name, and /or keywords in this Title to get searchable benefits.

Come back for our next blog on LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, where we discuss how to build your LinkedIn presence.

Written by Matthew Simmons





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