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Linkedin Marketing Strategy | Building a Presence

Written by Matthew Simmons

In our first blog discussing LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, we looked at how to set up a killer Linkedin Profile.  In this blog, we look at how to start building an online presence with an integrated LinkedIn marketing plan to get more people visiting your profile – generating long term business opportunities.

Keep Your Connections Current

Whenever you meet someone, connect with them on LinkedIn.

Keep your Status Updated – Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your connections appraised of your news and developments is by posting regular status updates. Make your status updates relevant and interesting in a way that you feel your connections will find useful.

Add links back to related content on your website or blog; this is a great way of driving traffic to your site and building interest in your offering. Relevance is key here, this is not selling your own proposition, it’s helping people to discover it themselves with thoughtful signposting.

You can automate this; by linking the RSS feed from your website to Linkedin, as soon as you post news or a blog on your Website, your LinkedIn profile will be updated automatically with your posts’ title, abstract and link to the full post on your Website.

Engage with your contacts by thoughtful comment on their status updates to demonstrate that you are interested in engagement as a much as pushing your own story.  Use the @ function in your reply to let them know you have commented – Linkedin will notify them as it happens!  For example Thanks, great insight into LinkedIn marketing @matthewsimmons

Share Stuff

Follow topics that interest you and follow people that your are interested in, invite them to connect.  When you’ve built up a strong list of contacts, a great way of get noticed is to comment on their own content – make it insightful or ask a question, but be sure to tag them.  This is really easy, type in @ and a drop down will appear usually with their name at the top.  This means that they will be notified of you comment.

When you find new content or share your own content you can tag people that you think might find the piece interesting using the same method.

Use Rich Media in your Profile

Boost your online credibility by adding media to the summary section of your profile. White papers, case studies, presentations and videos are all great ways of showing how you add value. If you post PowerPoint presentations to SlideShare or Google Docs, you can display these presentations in your LinkedIn profile.

Get Recommendations

LinkedIn makes it easy for you to request recommendations from your connections. A collection of recommendations that underpin your skills and experience will enhance the weight of your profile and your online credibility.

The Importance of Groups

Although less important than they were, there are still some strong LinkedIn Groups that enable you to interact with people that share your interests. Create your own LinkedIn Group and join a manageable number of groups that focus on your area of interest or expertise.

Participating in LinkedIn Groups by adding considered comment to the discussion will expand your circle of influence and establish you as a recognised expert in your field.

Using Company Pages

Create a Page for your company to showcase the company’s products and achievements. Complete your company’s description, headquarters address and website address as a minimum and to improve your company page’s weight, add products/services (including images) , jobs, videos – the list goes on. You can also feed your company page status line with news via RSS. Company Pages are also useful for research purposes – for prospecting and competitors analysis.

If you are part of a larger company, follow your own company page.

Written by Matthew Simmons




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