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How will the Latest Facebook Changes Affect your Business?

Written by Matthew Simmons

What are the new changes to Facebook Advertising and how will they affect your business?

Snap are recent converts to Facebook advertising, our experience shows it has many advantages over Google Ads, ROI being one. Laser targeting the audience being another.

So what are these changes hatched by the clever guys in Menlo Park and what impact will they have on how we look at advertising on the platform.

Facebook Paid Search

Contrasting the strengths of Facebook Ads, we have always felt the weakness was that they did not offer paid search like Google where you bid on keywords. Facebook is now rolling out their Search Ads after extensive testing last year. This now offers us the ability to display content to people looking for businesses like yours, showing up in users’ relevant search results.

However, initially, paid search will be restricted less powerful than competing Ad platforms and your ads will be triggered by users searching a phrase that matches keywords in your page profile. So optimising your page for keywords will be crucial.

Clear History

Clear History will allow users to prevent the platform from storing data relating to your online activity off Facebook. This has been done in response to privacy compliance issues, and will impact retargeting ad campaigns. If users are clearing data then it is not available for custom audience creation.

Facebook Groups and Privacy

While Groups seem to be dying on Linkedin, we’ve seen Groups becoming really popular on Facebook. Brands are using groups to engage with their customers and fans and if you are using a group to promote your business, or interests, its important to understand the new privacy regime.

Public groups are totally visible to anyone. They are found by searching or seeing a friend join it. Everyone who is in the group is visible to the rest as are their posts.

Groups can be private but visible. This means that anyone search for it and find it butt only members can see who is in the group and what they post.

Groups can be private but hidden. This means that you can only find them b being invited to do so. Once a member you can see who is in the group and what they post.

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