List Management

Targeting the Right Audience

The weakest link in any direct marketing campaign is usually the list.

You can have the most compelling proposition, creatively executed for maximum effect, but without focused targeting and the correct list, all that creative work is wasted.

List management and targeting is one of the key elements of strategic marketing, and the product positioning process will tease out the most responsive target market for your marketing activity.

Many clients overlook their existing client base – quite often we find that clients know us for the first service they received, and are surprised when we highlight the variety of our offering.

It is true that the best place to start selling new products is the existing client base and this list should be meticulously scrutenised and maintained before looking further.


Joined-up List Management

Snap Marketing has access to all the major list suppliers at highly competitive rates and can source the best list for your outbound marketing. 

We also manage both prospect and customer data on behalf of our clients, sometimes within their CRM, often outside, making sure that the lists are as clean as possible for maximum effect.

Using sophisticated tracking tools, we can also examine what type of customer is most responsive to your marketing, and adjust the list or the messaging accordingly.

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