Landing Pages

Whether you are conducting a direct mail, an email marketing campaign or in fact any out-bound communication where you want the prospect to take some action, a landing page is often the most effective solution.

If the marketing activity is product or service specific, then a landing page, or series of landing pages is vital to effective conversion – the last thing that a potential client enjoys is to be enticed by a strong offer to take action to visit your website and then find he is abandoned on the home page to find his own way to the part that is relevant to that offer.



Snap Marketing, having developed a creative website design to support softer branding objectives, also understand the harder importance of conversion – after all there is no point in executing a beautifully integrated direct marketing campaign if it does not improve sales.

Landing pages, are often rather different from standard web page and need a layout is designed for conversion and there is a science to this. 

Typically we create landing pages that support traditional advertising, email marketing campaigns, direct marketing, pay per click advertising and in conjunction with web analytics tools, they provide valuable insight into consumer behaviour.



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