New Website Design? Seven tips for Success!

Written by Matthew Simmons
Looking at your marketing afressh with a new website design

Top Tips for Website Design Success

 What are you going to change to grow your business?  After all if we don’t change – we simply end up with more of the same – which may be OK – but I’d be lying if that was the case at SNAP!

I thought it would be useful, to review some of the best blog posts on what you need to think about when redesigning your website.

Here are 7 of my best.

You’ve got a great opportunity to look at your marketing afresh. And with a fresh start you may be thinking that its time for that old site you had developed by those trendy boys from the agency with the pony tails and black jeans ten years ago is look soooo 90s!

But you don’t change your Website Design very often, a bit like changing your hifi and things have changed over the years since you last looked at your site and there are many new options available.

Develop a Strong Marketing Brief

Firstly decide what the purpose of the site and for this you need to produce a proper brief. You want to get want YOU want from your website design agency

What you (and your agency) need is a Marketing Brief. Here’s a previous blog post outlining 10 top tips to help you develop this.

Get Professional Website Designers in

Your website is the foundation of all your outbound marketing and your brand and image building campaigns. Your great website design enables potential customers to find, understand and remember your business.

However, this will only happen only if your website is designed professional from the ground up or it will just another bad site that. Here’s a previous blog to give you some pointers on why you need professional website design.

Website Design – Content Managed or Bespoke

The website design world has moved on and there are a plethora of new website technologies and this can be confusing – asp, php, html – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress – bespoke, content managed.

But great news is that gone are the days of needing the agency to make a change for you at £200 a pop – now you know why those boys were all driving around in 911s!

Content Managed Website Systems (CMS) are really easy now if you want to be able to edit your site. Our top our favourite for most sites with the possible exception of e-commerce, is WordPress simply for the friendly interface and the array of plugins available that make it incredibly search engine and social media friendly.

Also it must be a mobile friendly website design – Google actively penalises all sites that it deems not mobile-friendly. 

Measure – set up targeted website metrics

If you are going to invest in new website design, then you must put in place some key measurement tools. Check out my article here on using metrics to optimise your web-marketing.

Use great graphics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but in the ultra competitive world of marketing, you have an instant to create an impression.

Good images cost money – whether you buy them in from a library or if you get them photographed. Use them as much as you can to maximise your ROI. Here’s some pointers about using graphics in search engine marketing.

Avoid Killing your SEO with new website design

When setting the new website live; avoid killing your search engine rankings.  Most people are blissfully ignorant that there are major issues with SEO when you change your website. Going live with a fresh website design without considering the SEO implications first is like building a beautiful new house with no front door! In other words no one will find it or be able to get in when they do!

With that in mind, here are 5 top SEO killers to avoid before your web designer puts pen to paper or the website developer even lays down a single line of code.

Get Social

Presence on social media is now really important and its impact on inbound marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), even website design and the overall business is significant. So we thought about this and here’s our top 10 tips for social media.

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