7 Great Principles for Business Success

Written by Matthew Simmons

I cannot claim to have thought these up (I wish!) – they came from the Jeremy Burkhart – CEO of Speakercraft a US based Home Automation brand and I stumbled his thoughts in an industry magazine today.  They can be used in all your business management, and I think they work really well in marketing.

He calls them his 7 Capitalist ZEN Rules

1. Tackle one thing at a time. Trying to do more is setting yourself up for failure.

2. Slow down and be deliberate in thought. Everything changes, and you are better off being deliberate and initiating change, as opposed to waiting for it.

3. Do everything you choose to do with 100% effort.

4. Do less with more. Get input from advisers, make a decision, be flexible and move forwards. You don’t need everyone on your social networking site to tell you what to do!

5. Create repeatable rituals that work for your success. Success doesn’t always happen by accident. It happens by being deliberate on a regular basis.

6. Only think about what is necessary now. We harm our minds and bodies by thinking too much about the unknown. Think about what you can do that will create forward progress.

7. Live and think simply. We have a tendency to complicate life by making things more difficult than they should be. Do your work, serve others the best you can, then step back and live in this moment.

I can’t add anything else – thoughts anyone?

Author Matthew Simmons

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