Gillian- Just Gilly Personal Shopper

“As a start up company there are many tribes and tribulations and emotions in which you regularly travel the path of on a daily basis.

It can be difficult to articulate the vision that’s in your minds eye and the journey you wish to take your organization on and this alone can be a frustration in its self – when you feel that no one shares your dream and idea’s, it can be a scary place.

This is where I met Snap Marketing – From the off set Debbi and the team reassured me that they could create an image for my company that reflected my passion, desires and capture what is simply Just Me or as the brand that is “Just Gilly”.

I have had the pleasure of having the team work alongside me from the initial design phase to the market analysis right to the launch and at every point where I may have become apprehensive over a subject, the team have professionally listened to me and assured me in a manner that I can relate to.

I won’t say we now have an end result because I am only at the beginning of the journey of “Just Gilly” but I have professional digital collateral and a slick/easy navigational online platform that will appeal to everyone whilst leaving client’s aware of what we offer but intrigued  to know more.

As my business flourishes I feel reassured that I have a team of creative and understanding professionals that will be there with me to continue taking my business forward.”

Gillian- Just Gilly Personal Shopper

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