Product Positioning

At Snap Marketing, we like to challenge conventional thinking and are often accused of being provocative.  Actually we quite like it when this happens! The most common misconceptions emerge when we ask our clients what it is their customers get from them, and why.

Product Attributes vs Customer Needs

The normal response to this is a list of product attributes and a load of things that the client thinks is great about his business.

While these may be relevant, a customer never bought a product for its features and never selected a supplier on the basis of conventional business attributes as perpetrated by its staff.

This is where Product Positioning comes into play as part of the overall strategic marketing approach.



Strategic Marketing and Customer Needs

Customers have needs, business offer products that satisfy those needs.  For a marketing strategy to be truly effective, not only do products need to be aligned with needs, the marketing communication needs to tap into the ‘pain’ the consumer feels.

A customer buys a product for what it will do for him or her, not what it does – subtle difference.

In the Snap Marketing product positioning process, we explore and profile our clients target market.  We identify their needs – the marketing ‘pain’, and how the product removes that pain.

Branding and company character then come into the equation to create consumer preference – and that is a whole new aspect of the strategic marketing process.

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