Marketing Integration

Integrated marketing is the concept of taking a holistic approach to marketing.  In practice this actually means 2 things – Synergy and Consistency

The first, synergy, is the fundamental principle of good marketing. In practice this means that the more messages your target consumer sees from you, in a variety of delivery methods, the greater the brand recognition and understanding of what you do.  This increases the likelihood of the consumer taking the desired action.

So when we put together a marketing plan for you, it will embrace a number of different marketing tools, designed to work together under a common theme or campaign.



The Power of Marketing Consistency

The second is consistency of your branding application and marketing messages.

This is making sure that you are being consistent in your marketing messages across all platforms. Consistency of look and feel is key to making sure that your target consumers understand your marketing message and recognise it every time they see any communication from you.

This leads to better results and improved return on your investment.

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