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Essentially, the idea behind responsive web design (RWD) is that one website is created and developed to meet the needs of all devices – whether its a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Practically speaking its means a website design and development process that creates a site that provides the optimal viewing experiences seamlessly across all types of device.

We all know how annoying it is when trying to browse a normal website on a smart phone.  Responsive design websites work out what device your customers are using and then sends them the version of the website with navigation and page layout that works best on that device.

Our responsive websites are designed to look great and to work seamlessly and perfectly across desktops and the widest range of mobile devices.


why bother with a responsive design website?

Over the past 18 months, there has been a massive change in consumer behaviour instigated by mobile device manufacturers, platform providers and Google.  This is changing the way consumers browse and buy from the internet.

For some sectors, especially in consumer markets as opposed to B2B, not building the flexibility that comes from responsive website design for your site so that it offers a user experience on a mobile device will mean missing out on significant traffic, and sales.

Snap Marketing knows the product sectors where mobile will be a significant factor, and can assist in your strategy to exploit this important market.

Furthermore, Google changed their algorithm and sites that are not responsive are penalised – read our blog here.

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