An Intranet is often compared to a website and while an intranet design might look similar to a website, the danger in comparing intranets (and developing them ) to websites in this way risks a number of misconceptions as to what an intranet should do and how it should perform.

A website still remains a relatively one-way, passive form of communication.  People search the web for information and they retrieve that information from websites, sometimes act on it, then they move on.



While intranets can and do serve up information in a similar way to websites, a higher level of interactivity available on an intranets is critical to building a usable information base and making the intranet worthwhile for its users.

With the recent social media explosion, the concept of genuine two-way interactivity is very familiar, and this familiarity can be built into the intranet so that users regularly generate and maintain content.

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