Re-branding is a big step often taken by companies – but there must be a good reason for re-branding. 

Good reasons for re-branding are;  there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting growth potential, the key customer profile changed, the company is being pigeonholed as something that it (and its customers) has now outgrown, and so the brand is now communicating an incorrect message or positioning.

Snap has engaged in many re-branding projects and the process is a rigorous as a totally new branding exercise.  So re-branding is best tackled by deploying the full variety of integrated marketing skills that Snap offer: research, strategy, creative development, graphic design, copywriting and implementation.

Like branding, re-branding involves more than logo design, re-branding is about the total customer experience. That’s why it needs an integrated approach.

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