Logo Design / Stationery
Masterplan Financial Services

The Need

When dealing with a financial services client, such as Masterplan, it's vital that it provides a professional and trusting feel to their audience. Masterplan came to Snap looking for logo and stationery design that would ensure their customers would think highly of their services. Trustworthiness and security were their two priorities going forward with this branding.
The Solution

Colour is a vital part of branding and design in order to send the correct emotions to the audience. This is especially true when working with a financial services company due to the importance of the work. Dark blue gives the audience a sense of security. Using this alongside a timeless and professional design, Snap managed to work with the client to produce the perfect logo for their needs and style. The design of the stationery followed this idea and remained simple yet present. The typefaces were kept consistent throughout and enhanced the professional look of the brand.

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