Never underestimate the power of the brand

Written by Debbi Young

The power of an appropriate design and its effectiveness in branding is crucial for all businesses irrespective of size.

Good branding attracts customers who;

  • Will value your business
  • Will want to pay good money for your product or service
  • Will trust you and want to keep coming back for more
  • Will want to recommend you to others

Building your brand

Good, well executed and consistent branding will appeal to your target market, be recognisable time and again, will express your brand promise, be versatile and extensible whilst expressing your business services. A properly constructed and executed brand will convey the correct messages, ensure that none of your marketing spend is wasted and will attract the right sort of customers – not just those who haggle sole on price.

Crucial to building a great brand is the groundwork, researching the market and then defining the product positioning statement will enable you to laser target your marketing based on knowledge you now have about what your ideal customer looks like, what they think, how they behave, how your competition act.

Narrow your focus as much as you can in terms of defining both your perfect customer’s profile and your product positioning. The narrower you are, the greater the opportunity there is for you to differentiate your offering from the competition and create value.

To summarise, you need to know exactly who your customers are and what products they need.

Differentiate yourself from your competition and then you won’t get into a price comparison battle.

Communicate with your target customers in the media they interact with and give them a message that is clear and that they can relate to.

Lastly having invested the time, effort and money to create a great brand, be totally ruthless about making sure that your logo, brand-colours, brand-font, are used on every single piece of marketing in a consistent and repeated fashion.

And never forget that creating a brand is just as important for small local businesses as it is for big ones.

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Written by Debbi Young

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